About Gram Sampati

Planning, implementation, use and maintenance of civil assets is a recurrent problem for administrations at all levels. Administrators across the country will testify to civil assets not being maintained and utilised. Dead and decaying buildings, buildings with door and window frames missing and buildings with vegetative outgrowth is a recurring eyesore especially in rural areas. Similarly planning civil construction, especially small ones, is not based on any rational procedure. Duplication of effort, fake entries, lack of convergence and absence of robust record keeping are some factors that hold us back in optimising resources expended on construction of civil assets. To solve this problem Gumla district administration has come up with the concept of a digital district assets register. Now at a single click of your mouse you can know exactly what construction is planned/ongoing or completed in your area, the exact cost estimate of the project, start and completion time, the contractor undertaking the project and photographs of the ongoing project. This will help us bring in transparency, make government departments as well as contractors more accountable, it will also help us in planning future projects in a better fashion and help us in detecting duplication in effort through different departments.